One Room Challenge Week 1 (and the creation of a blog)


After loving Calling It Home's One Room Challenge for years and feeling so inspired each season (by the featured designers and so many guest participants!), I finally decided to join it.  I'm super excited to participate and help cheer on so many others in finishing a room in six weeks!  I have never jumped in before because I'm not a blogger and until VERY recently did not have a blog.  Starting a blog in 2018 kind of feels like I started running a marathon...without any training or conditioning, and when everyone else has already been running for 20 miles or here goes nothing- ha!  Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing blogging wise and don't plan on blogging outside of the ORC, but creating it for this was worth it because I have the perfect space ready and waiting.  In fact, it's been ready and waiting for about a year- as in I've had 95% of the items/decisions made that whole time but then life is busy and hard and great and you blink a few times and you've lived in your rental a year and half and may only be living in it a few more months and it's now or never, you know?  

So here it is.  My office (I'm realizing it wasn't ever really discussed between my husband and me that it would be an office and that it would be mine, but it's definitely been my office in my mind since before we moved in).  It's a little space off our master bedroom (sort of between the bedroom and bathroom).  This week I'm sharing my mood board, the floor plan, and a couple scary before photos.  My goals for the space are to have a better system (with more shelving) for my sample library and small accessories, some sort of bulletin board for current client projects and inspiration, and just an overall more organized and uncluttered space to work. I picture me sitting at my desk, showered and completely ready for the day, sunlight streaming in, working hard and feeling inspired (since that's how I always work and receive my inspiration for projects, never at 1:00 in the morning with a pony tail and tired eyes).  My to do list doesn't seem too bad (but then why has this stuff been hanging out in there for year??  A little accountability goes a long way for me).  I think the biggest leap forward will be the wall paper so that's my goal for this coming week.  It's a temporary paper (renter friendly) from Walls Need Love and I can't wait to see it up! 

Here are this ORC season's amazing  Featured Designers and here is the list of fellow Guest Participants.  See you next week!